Figure skating advantages and disadvantages

The benefits of sport on the physical and mental health are no longer to be proven nowadays. Given the benefits of sports, many people go in for them according to their tastes. Among the many sports that exist, figure skating is a sport that requires an enormous expenditure of energy and strengthens the heart. What are the negative and positive effects of this sport on the body? Find out in this article.

What is figure skating?

Figure skating is a sport practiced by men, women and children. It requires technique and artistry to perform on synthetic ice.

The benefits of figure skating

Figure skating is very advantageous for the practitioners. First of all, its practice allows to improve the daily gestures. As it is a complete sport, its regular practice also allows to have a very good musculature.

Secondly, figure skating helps to develop a taste for effort and the will to work. This remains true because this sport is learned over a long period of time. With this sport, you will have the precision and learn to better situate yourself in space.

The other advantage of this sport is that it allows you to be balanced and helps develop certain reflexes, endurance and resistance. The more you practice it, the more resistant you will be.

Finally, losing weight is one of the remarkable benefits of this sport. Since figure skating is done over a long period of time, it helps to burn off excess weight and strengthens the heart.

Some disadvantages of figure skating

Although figure skating is very beneficial for the body, it has a few drawbacks. The first is the risk of falling, which is very high. In addition to this risk, sprains, strains and muscle pulls are common. Also, the ankles and wrists are exposed if you are not careful.

The risks involved in skating are as great for beginners as for professionals. Indeed, the more you practice, the more you are exposed. But that doesn't negate the definite advantages of this ice sport.


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