3 tips to improve your drawings as a designer

Drawing is a passion shared by enough people. But often, a lack of confidence leads to mistakes and prevents perfect sketches. Fortunately, there are some tips for getting a good pencil stroke.

Sketching on a regular basis

Regular sketching is the ideal practice for perfecting your drawings. Learning leads inevitably to progress. The more you try, the fewer mistakes you make. It is a pedagogical process called trial and error. The goal is to avoid repeating the mistakes you did before.

The importance of this work also lies in the fact that it leads to the betterment of muscle memory. The more this capacity of our muscles develops, the easier it becomes to repeat tasks. For the painter, it can help to improve the precision and proportionality of the shapes of the drawing.

Using photos as references

Models are a source of inspiration. The more you imitate them, the better you can refine your brushstrokes. It is therefore advisable to choose a photo that will serve as a reference in learning. The important point is not to imitate perfectly, but to reproduce with the addition of personal touches.

The use of photos is the perfect exercise to develop both observation skills and creativity. These are two qualities sought after in any good draftsman. In short, it's the perfect drawing improvement tip. In addition, we always learn better by following in the footstep of people known to have succeeded before us. Drawing is no exception to this rule.

Imagining the line before making the drawing

One of the many techniques to improve one's sketches is to visualize the line before making it. It consists first of all in making a mental projection of what will be drawn. Then, you put your pencil down only when the right path has been found. Afterwards, what is visualized becomes the object of the drawing.

It is a difficult activity, but the basics of perspective, modeling or sculpture will be of great help. In the end, the result is sometimes more than surprising.



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